Our Mission

The objectives of the AIBI are to develop an interdisciplinary centre to Shape up the research in the faculty, catching up with the new technologies and their application practices, Adoption of applied research approach, Leverage the existing research interests, and Enable research collaboration with local and international partners, and to reach out to the community with needed training related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


Within the Faculty of ICS, there is a wide range of research undertaken as demonstrated by the Faculty’s list of publications. Almost all are unfunded and being undertaken by individual staff members. Only lately the faculty started to submit proposals for external funding either from local or international funding agencies. Centre for Advanced Informatics and Business Intelligence aims

  • Shape up the research in the faculty vertically and horizontally by scaling up individual researches, introducing new research areas of multi-disciplinary nature.
  • Catch up with the new technologies and their application practices.
  • Boost research teaming and capacity building in state of the art computing fields.
  • Adopt of applied research approach and direct it to real world problem solutions.
  • Leverage the existing research interests and strengths of the Faculty.
  • Provide new opportunities to staff and students to tackle real problems and chart solution for..


The proposed Research Centre would have a number of benefits, including test

  • Increased Research visibility for the BUE and the Faculty
  • Creation of a Research Environment in the Faculty
  • Enhanced promotion opportunities for the academic staff
  • Semester (paid) sabbaticals for staff
  • Enhanced learning opportunities for the students of the Faculty
  • Increased opportunities for collaboration with the British and other partners
  • Increased opportunities for exchanges on joint research projects
  • Membership of international networks


The Centre would be open to all staff members of the Faculty who are research active and can demonstrate an interest in one or more of the Centre’s research themes or topics. Colleagues from outside of the Faculty or/and the University would be eligible for membership by invitation.


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